Turneramon (1940-2013)

"New age, post modernist painter of the sublime"

Perhaps “ trans-modernist” would be more appropriate, his inspiration and technique coming from the Old Masters, and his subject matter from his collection of numerous drawings and photos, the intention all along: to create allegorical works about the human experience: love, loss, life, death, sorrow, ecstasy, peace and beauty. Though beauty is not a typical ingredient for instant recognition nor acclaim, it is none the less, a constant theme in his work.

Even Turneramon's more recent output dealing with grief and lamentation is not without a certain stoic beauty in the concept of faith and perseverance over man’s inhumanity to man. “Apocalypse Gaza” a 5ft. By 7ft. Canvas, one of a recent series addressing the futility of war, is avowedly a non-partisan piece, and yet, like much of his poetry, it still has the power to move one emotionally, and cause one to question.

This website contains a selection of Turneramon's many paintings, created over the last four decades, and it is divided into sections dealing with the human condition. Above all, however, it is a tribute to one man's journey through life, and the paintings, along with his poetry, afford a window into his imaginings. We hope you will enjoy your journey, and would encourage you to leave your comments in our 'Reflections' section.

Contacting Turnermon Trust

If you have any questions or comments about Turneramon's work, we invite you to email us at turneramontrust@gmail.com

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