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The resurrection of Tutankhamun
Mother goddess
At the Shrine of Remembrance
At Said's House
Near Drab El Nager
The nurture of Bastet
The shire of forgiveness
Reflections at twilight
Sweet Breeze of Evening
Mirage of the desert
Bereavement & Solace
The last sunset
Songstress of the night
Fresh breeze of spring
The genies of the jar
Lotus child
The newborn day
Desert daybreak
Evening at the canal Luxor
Evening scene near Gezira Souhail, Aswan
Fruit seller at El Fayoum oasis
The heat of the day
The prophet of blinding light
Oasis girl
Offerings from afar
Pool of lustration
Temptation of St. Anthony
Temptation of St. Anthony 2
The angel of blinding light

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