Turneramon (1940-2013)

The writings of Turneramon

Turneramon's output comprises 7 fantastical novels including a trilogy, a collectors printed edition of his artwork and a considerable body of poetry. We present some of this work below

The sacred eyes of time

In this, the first book in The Trilogy of Nethertime, Jock Slater, artist and Egyptologist is taken over by a re-incarnated, ancient Egyptian queen. She mesmerises him into producing a fantastic painting of her when she was a young bride so that she may return to her own time. But one vital ingredient is missing; the Maat Mirror, the mirror of time.

In order to retreive his sanity and his freedom, the artist risks travelling through the false door of time into the ancient dimension of Nethertime. Here, aided by the genies Ogadile and Smirtin, the artist pursues an epic journey where ancient forces of evil employ their magic and trickery to possess the mirror for their own sinister purposes and to prevent the queen from resurrecting.

The saga continues in The Obelisk of Time.

The obelisk of time

Luke Slater has just done 'burying' his father, Jock Slater from book 1 of The Trilogy of Nethertime, but Luke knows his father isn't dead and sets out to find him. He goes on to uncover a satanic secret society, The Cult of the One Dimension, the members of which include his mother!

Luke is taught the rudiments of Astral Travelling by Isthar, high priestess of the cult, however, Luke falls madly in love with her - but this is fated to end in tragedy. Luke hunts down the satanic order and Astral travels after them into the lost dimension of Nethertime. Luke finds his parents, and the slaters act to destroy the Satanic Order of the One Dimension, aided by the genies Ogadile and Smirtin of book one.

Time for emergence of the twins of time

The twins of time

Endowed with exceptional gifts of telepathy and telekinesis yet vulnerable, the identical "Twins of Time", Sophie and Laura, develop their talents as they grow up in Merebrook Manor.

Learning of their father's imprisonment in an alien world, they discover an abandoned Dimension Bell and use it to travel into the dimension of Nethertime where they meet the Genies Smirtin and Ogadile.Aided by the crusader Rickard and his Lords of Light, the twins are caught up in an epic struggle to release their family and unseat the Esoteric Oracle and his Satanic cult of the One Dimension

This is the concluding book of The Trilogy of Nethertime, and introduces the "the Twins of Time", whose exploits are continued in subsequent novels

KaKa Ranish and The twins of time

Jock and Luke Slater travel to modern day Sri Lanka for a holiday and witness the abduction of Princess Sangravita. With the aid of a local boy, Saki and his pet monkey Namo, the Slaters travel through the Portal of the Gods, The Prabhamandala, into the magical world of Serendip, 5th century Lanka.

Failing to find the princess, they enlist the help of the twins of time and lock horns with Maglack the magician and his cosmic overlord, Ka Ka Ranish who destroys all that is beautiful. To overthrow The Great Crow God the Twins of Time pit their powers of telekinesis against the dark forces of Ka KA Ranish.

Set around the remote fortress-palace of King Kassiyapa, the Lion-Rock of Sigirya, this epic novel sees the Slater family battle against the evil forces of darkness

The twins of time and the bridge of time

Endowed with extraordinary talents, yet vulnerable, the identical and ‘orphaned’ Twins of Time, Sophie and Laura ‘escape’ from their adoptive home at Merebrook Manor.

Riding their new bikes, they discover a phantom bridge and are ‘led through’ to a fairy realm. Here, they interact with an assortment of magical characters who lead them on a strange and sometimes terrifying quest as they ride their Etherbeasts against the dark forces of Hilderdrake and Dragondrake, the incarnations of ancient and macabre spirits who threaten the fairy kingdom of Merrivale.

A magical and vividly described fantasy world, inspired by the author’s own twins of the same name, which will delight children and adults alike.

The twins of time and the seven seas of time

The twins are bored with their seaside holiday in a humdrum resort and ‘escape’ from the parental eye of their strict governess, ‘Sparrow’.Finding a sailing ship (The Black Bounty), run aground in the fog, they board her and, messing with the controls, are transported to the palace of The Thief of Time.

Accompanied by the Ghost Pirate, Monsieur Ferdinand De Bijoux and his garrulous parrot, the twins are ‘persuaded’ to go on a treasure hunt with Zuberoo and his motley crew. The treasure trove is the legendary Golden Eyes of Ra, to be found at the Seventh Sea of Time.

Naturally, they have to sail through all the other Seas of Time to get there and as you might expect, there is a little surprise awaiting them in every one.

The twins of time and the golden grotto

On another boring holiday, the twins ‘escape’ from their hotel and the all-seeing eye of ‘Sparrow’, their strict governess, to explore the Shell Grotto by moonlight.

But the forbidding owner of the Grotto serves up more than they had bargained for when she turns into a three thousand year old Phoenician queen, Phaedra. Blackmailed into travelling into Iberious, a barbaric medieval backwater where the plague, leprosy and religious persecution are the norm, the twins are charged with an onerous task; the release of the Gorilleon.

This hybrid monster controls Phaedra’s private army, The Legions of the Dead, which she needs to conquer the region so that she may reincarnate.Aided by Rodrigo and his reformed band of alcoholics, the fight takes place for the ancient shrine of immortality, the Golden Grotto.

E-Book editions of Turneramon's novels will be available to be purchased online shortly.

Shrine of the Monkeys
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Garden of Dreams