Turneramon (1940-2013)

We feature some of the comments made about Turneramon and his work througout the years. If you have any recollections or just wish to comment on the man or his work, whether or not you knew him, you are encouraged to do so using the form at the bottom of this page

Bernard Vaughn JP BA, Vandyke SchoolSeptember 1984

...We look forward very much to working with you as a colleague, and to watching you share your talent with our young people, with our staff, and with the community at large

Phil Hamilton North Shore School CaliforniaApril 1982

Our fine arts fair was an oustanding success, and I want to thank you sincerely for your participation in that activity. Your time and energies are most helpful to us in developing appreciation and skills in the art are for young children...

Edward F. Wente, University of ChicagoApril 1973

Mr. Richard Turner has been a staff artist with the Epigraphic Survey of the Oriental Institute at Luxor, Arab Republic of Egypt, since 1st October 1968 until 15th April 1973. During the period of his association with this expedition he has given satisfaction in his work, applying himself with diligence and accepting the discipline which our exacting requirements for precision demand. His drawings of difficult material are excellent. During his last two years he has also served as the expedition’s photographer, and I have been happy with his work in this area too. I am certain that he will be eminently successful in any position, within his wide competence, which he accepts.

Mr. Peter de Francia, Royal College of ArtMay 1966

Richard Turner was a student of mine in this Department over the past two years. He has struck me throughout the course as a most serious and interested student, who is reflective and interested in a variety of problems centred in his profession. He has struck me as someone who might make a good teacher. Mr Turner has developed in the last two years to a marked extent in terms both of ideas and ability to express ideas.

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